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Embark on a sacred journey to the Holy Land with Terra Sancta Tours and experience the transformative power of spiritual exploration.

Terra Sancta Tours is a leading pilgrimage and tour operator specializing in journeys to the Holy Land. With a passion for creating transformative experiences, we have been organizing trips to the sacred sites of Israel, Palestine, and Jordan for over a decade.

Our mission is to provide pilgrims and travelers with an opportunity to connect deeply with the spiritual and historical heritage of the Holy Land. We meticulously design itineraries encompassing iconic destinations such as Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, and the Sea of Galilee.

Our guides only work with us. Therefore, they are experienced in Christian travel. They know our wants and yearning to learn more of the Bible, and they deliver.

We only deal with Christian group travel. Our staff is trained only in Christian travel as every minute of our day is spent dealing with this market and through the years we have developed an expertise that no other company has.

Our repeat clients show our success. Many have been traveling with us since 19050. Our tour hosts from across the country have traveled with us year after year. One of our tour hosts has traveled with us over twenty times.

We are always available; each tour host can reach us 24 hours daily. When an emergency arises we will be available to help solve the emergency. Sometimes in travel, there are weather conditions, etc., that may cause delays. I promise we will be there to assist you through every obstacle. We are committed to making sure that each of our passengers has a life-changing spiritual encounter as they stop reading the Bible in black and white only and start reading it in full color. That is what travel does.

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We are Family Owned.

Founded by our visionary grandfather in 1950, Terra Sancta Tours has been a trusted name in pilgrimage and cultural travel to the Holy Land, providing generations of travelers with transformative journeys filled with spiritual significance and profound connections

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